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pocode is an open-source C++ library designed by Potion for the production of interactive media across multiple platforms.

pocode provides a robust, high-performance software infrastructure that allows for the creation of all types of software, from simple visual sketches to elegant mobile apps to entire software applications.

pocode is much more than a graphics library. pocode allows creative coders to construct complex interactive software. Thanks to pocode’s object-oriented architecture, applications stay organized and take care of themselves. pocoders don’t have to worry about the intricacies of event routing, the frustrations of font loading or the pitfalls of porting between platforms. All of these processes are performed automatically.

pocode is also an open system that allows pocoders to dive deep into the software architecture and implement alternative methods of their own. pocoders can extend pocode with their own poObjects, and share them with other pocoders. Since all poObjects fit within pocode’s object-oriented framework, shared poObjects can easily be incorporated into new applications, even across platforms.

We hope you enjoy using pocode as much as we have enjoyed creating it.


the pocode team